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Serverless logs

In Best practices for collecting and managing serverless logs with Datadog Kai Xin Tai reviews logs from serverless AWS offerings and provides useful tips.

CloudWatch math functions

Enhance CloudWatch metrics with metric math functions by my colleague Ania Develter is a concise discussion of CW's maths capabilities.

Prometheus service discovery

The one and only Julien Pivotto provides an in-depth explanation of the recently added generic service discovery in Prometheus, check out his article Prometheus generic HTTP service discovery.

Remote write with Otel

In Send your metrics to a Prometheus Remote Write endpoint without Prometheus – OpenTelemetry Carlos Tolon gives hands-on instructions for a telemetry setup that is increasingly more relevant as metrics in OpenTelemetry mature.

X-Ray with Otel in PHP

Adding AWS X-Ray support to the OpenTelemetry PHP library by Oliver Hamuy, one of the AWS observability team interns supervised by Alolita Sharma, is an interesting report on a successful project.

Funding news

The observability space is certainly a rapidly evolving and attractive one for vendors. Recent news items help highlighting this: two Series C funding announcements, one from Cribl which closed with $200 million and in the same week Grafana Labs reporting $220 million. Congrats!

OpenTelemetry updates

Now it's official: OpenTelemetry becomes a CNCF incubating project. In this context, maybe now is a good time to learn more about it, so consider checking out the article Understand OpenTelemetry part 2: core components by Alan West and Lavanya Chockalingam.

Fluentd and Fluent Bit

A new OpenObservability video is available: Jonah Kowall ( CTO) hosts Anurag Gupta of Calyptia and the two have an in-depth conversation about Fluentd for logging and metrics and path forward, including Fluent Bit and the commercial offering Calyptia is building out around it.

Kickstarting observability

In Thoughts on kickstarting observability Thom Duran shares some interesting high-level insights on the topic.

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