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Logging in Kubernetes

In Logging in Kubernetes Oshi Gupta and Pratiksha Patel of CloudYuga describe the various sources of logs in the Kubernetes control and data plane as well as how you can manage them via logging pipelines.

Prometheus queries

Why are Prometheus queries hard? asks Evan Schwartz and in the process of answering the question he also points out his solution to the challenge, the Autometrics project.

OpenTelemetry Q&A

Check out the OTel Q&A featuring Jacob Aronoff of Lightstep (ServiceNow) who is one of the Operator maintainers and provides tons of useful insights in this ca. 1h YouTube video.

Observability driven CI

Andy Sammalmaa's short piece on Observability Driven CI makes a good point that observability into the build and test process is as important as at runtime (and even shows how to go about it, using OpenTelemetry). Thanks for this!

Tracetest and Grafana

Monitoring and Testing Cloud Native APIs with Grafana by Adnan Rahic of Tracetest is a nice hands-on article showing how to use OpenTelemetry to combine Grafana Tempo with Tracetest.

Trace Propagation in .NET

Martin Thwaites on Trace Propagation and Public API Endpoints in .NET where he dives into the (OpenTelemetry) code and provides guidance.

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