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Exploring the OTel collector

Nicolas Fränkel explores the OpenTelemetry Collector: this very nicely done hands-on walkthrough takes you from 0 to 1 and gives a good overview on what this universal telemetry agent can do.

Kubernetes event tracking

Efficient Kubernetes Event Tracking: A Hands-On Guide to Seamless OpenTelemetry Integration by Nicolas Takashi is a short but sweet article which you, as a Kubernetes head, should bookmark.

New Relic's AI monitoring

Learn from Lavanya Chockalingam of New Relic in Introducing New Relic AI monitoring, the industry’s first APM for AI all about this new feature.

Contributing to the OTel demo

In The Power of Traces: Learn by Contributing to OpenTelemetry Adnan Rahic provides context on the OTel demo and how you can get started using and even contributing to it. Well done!

Grafana community plugins

My colleagues Arun Chandapillai, Imaya Kumar Jagannathan, and Priyanka Verma on Extend your Amazon Managed Grafana experience with Grafana community plugins. Congrats on the launch!

Migrating to OpenTelemetry

Benjamin Yolken of Airplane shares their story of Migrating to OpenTelemetry. Thanks a lot!

Serverless OpenTelemetry

The one and only (rather vocal) Luc van Donkersgoed on Serverless OpenTelemetry at scale: the PostNL context, the first installment of what looks like an exciting series of posts!

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