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OTel support for profiling

Via the CNCF blog: OpenTelemetry announces support for profiling, by the OpenTelemetry maintainers. More to come!

RUM in Grafana

My colleagues Ganesh Sambandan, Siva Guruvareddiar, and Munish Dabra published Real User Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch RUM and Amazon Managed Grafana, showing client-side observability in action.

Istio monitoring

In Operational Efficiency-Monitoring and Analytics: setting up managed metrics using Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes with Service Mesh Anil Gudigar provides a hands-on introduction into using an open-source stack to monitor Istio.

Kinesis and OpenTelemetry

Serkan Ozal shows How to Propagate OpenTelemetry Trace Headers Over AWS Kinesis: in this three-part series you will learn both the theory and see different strategies implemented. Thanks a lot!

OTel project updates

Check out the 33 min video on OpenTelemetry: Project Updates, Next Steps, and AMA from last week's KubeCon EU in Paris, with Severin Neumann, Austin Parker, Trask Stalnaker, Daniel Gomez Blanco, and Alolita Sharma.

SLOs with PromQL

In SLO formulas implementation in PromQL step by step Michal Kazmierczak provides a hands-on introduction on this important topic.

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