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NestJS tracing with OTel

Tom Ray wrote the deep dive NestJS tracing with Open Telemetry: A how-to guide with examples.

From OpenTracing to OTel

In this CNCF blog post Sonja Chevre provides awesome guidance on a topic that is both timely and important, read: Migrating from OpenTracing to OpenTelemetry.

OTel in Python guide

OpenTelemetry in Python — A Full Guide by Chameera Dulanga does what it says on the tin. Recommended!

Centralized logging

SigNoz's Ankit Anand wrote an excellent article about Centralized Logging with Open Source Tools - OpenTelemetry and SigNoz.

Nginx ingress monitoring

How to monitor and alert on Nginx ingress in Kubernetes by Tanmay Bhat is a really useful hands-on piece on the topic.

Avoid Prometheus mistakes

The one and only Julius Volz strikes again: check out this 10 min video up on YouTube from his Prometheus Best Practices & Pitfalls series: Don't Make These 6 Prometheus Monitoring Mistakes.

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