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Troubleshooting target allocator

Adriana Villela, o11y grand dame, wrote Tips for Troubleshooting the Target Allocator and if you're using the Kubernetes OTel operator then you want to read it. Thanks!

Groundcover in action

Watch Cloud native observability tool for monitoring Kubernetes, a 1h video recording by Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps with Groundcover CEO and Co-Founder Shahar Azulay as guest, showing the offering in action.

OTel resource attributes

In How to use OpenTelemetry resource attributes and Grafana Cloud Application Observability to accelerate root cause analysis Marylia Gutierrez shows how to use this essential OpenTelemetry feature for RAC.

OTel data prep and cleansing

The short but sweet OpenTelemetry Best Practices #3: Data Prep and Cleansing by the one and only Martin Thwaites is worth a read!

Loki in action

In Kubernetes: monitoring Events with kubectl and Grafana Loki Arseny Zinchenko demonstrates hands-on a simple yet effective setup.

OTel's dual mission

Jonah Kowall wrote Understanding OpenTelemetry's Dual Mission: Serving Users and Vendors, providing valuable insights into the role OTel plays in the observability space.


Check out ymtdzzz/otel-tui, a Textual User Interface (TUI) tool that allows you to view OpenTelemetry traces on the command line.

That was it for this edition of the o11y newsletter. Feel free to share news items with me via Twitter—DMs are open if you like to share something in private. Stay safe and hope to see you around next week!