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Otel with New Relic One

In Troubleshoot your applications faster with OpenTelemetry and New Relic One, Lavanya Chockalingam provides an in-depth walkthrough, showing Otel in action for troubleshooting an app.

Detecting Java memory leaks

Rafal Kuć on How to Detect Memory Leaks in Java: Common Causes & Best Tools to Avoid Them, reviewing different approaches and tooling.

Thanos in action

How to Handle Terabytes of Metrics in Kubernetes Monitoring by Samarth Kanungo is a really nice deep-dive Thanos use case description.

Distributed tracing is the future

In APM is Legacy. Distributed Tracing is Designed for Modern Teams the always well-informed Jonah Kowall, CTO of, shares some interesting insights on the topic.

Grafana for assisted living

Taking care of your loved ones with Grafana and other open source solutions by Amon Reich of SmartLiving.Rocks is a really wonderful Grafana use case. Thank you!

Optimize incident response

Alex Ewerlöf (Senior Staff Engineer @VolvoCars) on How to Best Use MTT* Metrics to Optimize Your Incident Response is a great knowledge piece on this topic, thanks for sharing!

Who watches the watchers?

In Who watches the watchers? Miedwar Meshbesher addresses this question by showing how to monitor your monitoring stack via a dead man switch, in a deep dive manner.

Cloudflare's take on o11y

Cloudflare Observability by Tanushree Sharma, Natasha Wissmann, Ashcon Partovi, and Michael Tremante is a nice high-level overview on their observability approach. More of this, please :)

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