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OpenTelemetry beginner’s guide

Check out Magsther's A beginner’s guide to OpenTelemetry, a high-level overview and quick read.

Snowflake in Grafana

My colleagues Sunil Ramachandra, Bosco Albuquerque, RK Sai (Ravikiran Koduri), and Andries Engelbrecht show how to visualize data on Snowflake usage and credits using Amazon Managed Grafana.

Kubernetes monitoring

In Best Practices, Monitoring System for Multi-K8s Cluster Environments Using Open Source allen provides some good overview and further resources on the topic. Nice!

Quarkus goes o11y

OpenTelemetry: A Quarkus Superheroes demo of observability by Eric Deandrea of Red Hat is a very nice walkthrough.

Grafana alerting

Tanmay Bhat wrote Overview of Grafana Alerting and Message Templating for Slack, and it's a really helpful hands-on piece on the topic, well done!

Gartner's hype cycle

Learn from Gartner Identifies Key Emerging Technologies Expanding Immersive Experiences, Accelerating AI Automation and Optimizing Technologist Delivery where observability and more specifically OpenTelemetry is ;)

CloudWatch metrics in Prometheus

My colleague Nagesh Subrahmanyam wrote Viewing Amazon CloudWatch metrics with Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus and Amazon Managed Grafana.

Structured events

The one and only Charity Majors, Queen of o11y, founder and book author has (re)shared one of her excellent articles, a must-read: Live your best life with structured events.

State of OpenTelemetry

PSA: next week's Tue the 23th August 2022 I will be talking about the State of OpenTelemetry, Where Are We and What’s Next? at InfoQ live. Join us if you have time!

That was it for this edition of the o11y newsletter. Feel free to share news items with me via Twitter—DMs are open if you like to share something in private. Stay safe and hope to see you around next week!