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Tracing tenant activity

In Tracing Tenant Activity for Multi-Account SaaS with AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry my colleagues Peter Yang and Tomo Sakatoku show how to collect traces across a multi-account SaaS environment.

Observing .NET with OTel

Observing .NET microservices with OpenTelemetry by João Antunes is an excellent hands-on resource with plenty of code examples. Thanks a lot!

OpenTelemetry and Loki

Kevin Lin on Logging with OpenTelemetry and Loki, a very useful hands-on walkthrough.

2023 Observability Forecast

New Relic published the 2023 Observability Forecast.

OpenTelemetry Q&A

Check out the most recent OpenTelemetry Q&A on YouTube where Adriana Villela speaks with Hazel Weakly about Hazel's experiences with implementing and optimizing OpenTelemetry practices within an organization.

Tail-based sampling in action

In AWS & OpenTelemetry strikes back: Tail-based Sampling Marcin Sodkiewicz of Ryanair shares his experiences and insights. Thank you very much for sharing!

Missing time series

Dealing with Missing Time Series in Prometheus by Julius Volz is a short but useful article on the topic what causes missing series, how they can create issues in your dashboards and alerting rules, and what you can do about it.

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