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Happy New Year to you and welcome back to!

eBPF for observability

Using eBPF and predefined inspections to minimize "observability tax" by Nikolay Sivko is a nice hands-on piece, showing Coroot applied.

SLOs for software quality

In Implementing service-level objectives to improve software quality Paco Porro provides some high-level best practices.

Observe dogfooding

Knox Lively explains a dogfooding use case in How Observe Uses … Observe! and shares some tips along with it.

Distributed tracing in Go

Javier Soto wrote Golang Monitoring 102: Distributed Tracing with Opentelemetry, a hands-on overview and intro for Gophers.

Best of Grafana dashboards

Learn from Joey Bartolomeo about Grafana dashboards in 2022: Memorable use cases of the year. Nice visual collection!

GitOps observability

A cool demo by Andreas Grabner: check out Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit Demo Tutorial on k3s, with ArgoCD for GitOps, OTel, Prometheus and Grafana (9 min YouTube video), to see GitOps observability in action.

That was it for this edition of the o11y newsletter. Feel free to share news items with me via Twitter—DMs are open if you like to share something in private. Stay safe and hope to see you around next week!