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KEDA Kubernetes autoscaling

Proactive autoscaling of Kubernetes workloads with KEDA using metrics ingested into Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus by my colleagues Vikram Venkataraman and Imaya Kumar Jagannathana is a nice metrics use case.

Redshift from Grafana

In Monitor all your Redshift clusters in Grafana with the new Amazon Redshift data source plugin Andres Martinez of Grafana Labs and Robbie Rolin from our service team provide you with a quick overview on this new plugin we jointly open sourced.

OPA with Otel support

Anders Eknert (Styra) put that cool news item on my radar: OPA will have distributed tracing support via OpenTelemetry. Amazing! And: thank you :)

OpenTelemetry in .NET

An Overview of Distributed Tracing with OpenTelemetry in .NET 6 by Aaron Stannard of Petabridge is a really nice deep dive into that topic.

Node auto-instrumentation

The always well-informed Dotan Horovits on Auto-Instrumenting Node.js Apps with OpenTelemetry.

GitHub metrics to Prometheus

Pretty exciting open source project and (GH action) service here by Simon Taddiken: the GitHub Prometheus Exporter.

State of continuous profiling

Yours truly, trying to provide a short summary on where we are with continuous profiling at the end of 2021.

Open source o11y

The re:Invent 2021 breakout session my colleagues Marc Chene and Imaya Kumar Jagannathana did on observability the open-source way is now online available on YouTube.

Full-stack o11y

A nice blog post via AppDynamics: What is full-stack observability, and how can it help? IDC has some insights.

That was it for this edition of the o11y newsletter. Feel free to share news items with me via Twitter—DMs are open if you like to share something in private. Stay safe and hope to see you around next week!