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OTel and Prometheus

Watch Krisztian Fekete's SREcon23 Europe/Middle East/Africa session on Should I Use OTel (collectors), or Is Prometheus Good Enough? available via YouTube and learn about metrics collection and processing from a practitioner.

Metrics temporality

OpenTelemetry parameter that might ruin your flexibility by Marcin Sodkiewicz of Ryanair is an excellent piece on how to handle metrics temporality. Thank you!

OTel logs are stable

In case you missed it: logs are stable in OTel. To learn more, I recommend the InfoQ article OpenTelemetry Logging Marked Stable: Morgan McClean at KubeCon NA and if you want to see it in action (or maybe even try it out yourself) then check out my post Collecting Logs with OpenTelemetry Python via the OpenTelemetry blog.


Via the Skyscanner engineering blog: How recursion brought down flight search at Skyscanner. Scary but insightful end-user report, thanks for sharing!

OTel in 7min

Are you new to OTel? Check out OpenTelemtry's Vision of Ubiquitous Observability explained in 7 minutes, a nice high-level intro.

Unifying alerts

Shahar Glazner wrote Unifying alerts from various sources, showing their open-source alert management and automation platform Keep in action.

That was it for this edition of the o11y newsletter. Feel free to share news items with me via Twitter—DMs are open if you like to share something in private. Stay safe and hope to see you around next week!