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Postgres back-end for Jaeger

In Using PostgreSQL as a Scalable, Durable, and Reliable Storage for Jaeger Tracing Ramon Guiu provides a hands-on deep dive on the topic.

Distributed tracing predictions

The good folks from Keyval making some interesting predictions, read Distributed Tracing in 2025: What the future holds to see if you'd agree.

PromCon EU 2022

Two days worth of live streams of the recent PromCon Europe 2022 are available on YouTube, check it out!

OpenTelemetry overview

OpenTelemetry, The Missing Ingredient by Ben Hall of is a really well done overview including a lot of visuals and examples. Thank you!

Collector recipes

If you're interested in an overview on how to run the OpenTelemetry collector including examples, read Ashok Nagaraj's OpenTelemetry collector: the powerful recipe for observability pipelines.


New tools I stumbled upon and found noteworthy:

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