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OpenTelemetry goes mainframe

Exploring OpenTelemetry's Potential for Unlocking Mainframe Insights by Gregory Shriver of Broadcom makes the case that mainframes should embrace OTel.

Create a GitHub exporter

Arseny Zinchenko wrote Prometheus: GitHub Exporter — creating own exporter for GitHub API, a detailed walkthrough on how to create a custom Prometheus exporter for GitHub, enabling developer observability use cases. Thanks for sharing!

Improve OTel instrumentation

In Tracetest Analyzer: Identify patterns and issues with code instrumentation Oscar Reyes explains how to use the Tracetest Analyzer to improve OpenTelemetry instrumentation.

Manage observability costs

Martin Thwaites of Honeycomb provides guidance on how to reduce costs in your observability stack in Don’t Let Observability Inflate Your Cloud Costs.

Observability Day CfP

The CfP of the Observability Day North America, co-located with KubeCon NA in early November in Chicago, is now open and you can keep submitting your proposals until August 6, 2023!

Distributed tracing

A really excellent article by Samyukktha: Distributed Tracing — Past, Present and Future where you not only learn about where it came from but also about challenges and where to go from here.

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