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Monitoring GraphQL APIs

In Monitoring GraphQL APIs with OpenTelemetry, Ankit Anand shows an interesting use case for Otel: GraphQL APIs. The walkthrough contains detailed instructions how to go about it using SigNoz.

OpenTelemetry in Ruby

New from the CNCF blog: learn how to Configure OpenTelemetry in Ruby.

Grafana Mimir

Announcing Grafana Mimir, the most scalable open source TSDB in the world by Tom Wilkie introduces this new time series database.

Choosing observability vendor

In Unpacking Observability: How to Choose an Observability Vendor Adri Villela reviews selection criteria and provides tips concerning this important topic.

OpenTelemetry in Kubernetes

Tathagata Paul explains OpenTelemetry in Kubernetes: Deploying your Collector and Metrics Backend in a hands-on deep dive.

Opstrace in GitLab

Sébastien Pahl provides some Updates on Opstrace Integration into GitLab and it's good to learn about the progress, congrats!

Cisco's o11y contribution

In OpenTelemetry: How Cisco and AppDynamics are contributing to the future of observability we learn from Severin Neumann that Cisco is all in on OpenTelemetry and one data point is the Apache Webserver Module they made available as open source. Well done!

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