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Thanos query performance

In Streamlining Long-Term Storage Query Performance for Metrics With Thanos Hélia Barroso shares hands-on tips. Thanks!

Karpenter monitoring

If you're using Karpenter for EKS data plane auto-scaling, check out Karpenter: its monitoring, and Grafana dashboard for Kubernetes WorkerNodes by Arseny Zinchenko.

Java metrics libraries

Sameer Paradkar published State of the Metrics Libraries in the Java Ecosystem, a deep-dive into the topic, comparing offerings and sharing best practices.

ClickHouse in action

Via TNS: ClickHouse: Scaling Log Management with Managed Services by Valeriy Denisov is a nice hands-on article.

Adopting OpenTelemetry

OpenTelemetry Orientation - How to Train Your Teams on Observability is a 55 min video up on YouTube where Paige Cruz provides excellent insights on how to help your organization to successfully adopt this open standard.

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