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Cloudflare's logging pipeline

In An overview of Cloudflare's logging pipeline Colin Douch reports on how Cloudflare's Observability Platform team ships almost a million log lines per second in a reliable and sustainable fashion, allowing their internal customers to troubleshoot services from a central place. Always good to read about lessons learned and plans (which, as you may have guessed, include OpenTelemetry ;) from end-users.

Vercel trace-based testing

Integration Testing Vercel Serverless Functions with OpenTelemetry by Adnan Rahic is a detailed hands-on piece, showing how to do trace-based testing in the context of Vercel serverless functions, including how to locally test functions and how to create integration tests for them.

OpenTelemetry updates

Via TNS: Andy Hoffman reviewes in Why the Latest Advances in OpenTelemetry Are Significant some of the most recent additions and improvements in the OTel project including Logs GA and semantic conventions. Thanks!

Sampling guide

The Complete Guide to Sampling in Distributed Tracing by Dotan Horovits is a really useful resource you may wish to bookmark. He's covering the benefits, different strategies, as well as a best practices summary for sampling of traces.

AWS o11y updates

My colleagues Vicky Whittingham and Abhi Khanna teamed up with Nicolas Fournier of Unitary to share How Unitary achieved automatic metric collection with Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus collector. Further, in Multi-tenant monitoring across accounts and regions using Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus my colleagues Manjit Chakraborty and Jatinder Singh worked together with Nauman Noor, Fabio Dias, and Dylan Alibay of State Street. Exciting times!

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