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Prometheus remote-write

In How to send only specific scrape job metrics in Prometheus remote write Tanmay Bhat shared some practical tips on the topic.

SIEM opinion

Jonah Kowall (CTO of published an interesting opinion piece on the topic of SIEM: LogRhythm Cloud: Too Little, Too Late.

Pixie plugins

Learn from Michelle Nguyen, Principal Software Engineer at New Relic, via the CNCF blog, about Easy Observability with Open Standards: Introducing the Pixie Plugin System.

Prometheus vs. OpenTelemetry

Prometheus vs. OpenTelemetry Metrics: A Complete Guide is another great piece from the Timescale folks, this time by James Blackwood-Sewell.

Observability at BlackRock

I love it when end-users share their setups and lessons learned and this article called Telemetry and Observability at BlackRock: Alerting Strategy and Alert Back-testing Framework from Sudipan Mishra (SRE at BlackRock) is an excellent example of it.

Prometheus history

Martin Chodur put together a very awesome deck with beautiful illustrations, have a look: A brief illustrated history of Prometheus.


If you were, like me, not able to travel to Portland in person to enjoy Monitorama, then I have good news for you: the Monitorama 2022 live streams are now available on YouTube, yay!

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