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RabbitMQ logging

Nice article from Sunny Srinidhi, read the Beginner’s Guide to RabbitMQ Logging: How to View, Locate, and Analyze Logs.

OpenTelemetry for PHP

Ankit Anand explains how to Monitor PHP applications with OpenTelemetry and SigNoz.

Spring Boot monitoring

Monitoring Spring Boot Application with Prometheus and Grafana by Amrut Prabhu is a useful hands-on article.

OTel agent management

Interested in seeing OpenTelemetry's Open Agent Management Protocol (OpAMP) in action? Check out Ryan Goins' post on Introducing BindPlane OP.

Programmable metrics with OTel

My colleague Ricardo Ferreira gave an interesting talk at Berlin Buzzwords. It's available on YouTube, have a look at Do It Yourself: Programmable Metrics using OpenTelemetry.

CockroachDB and OpenTelemetry

News from Cockroach Labs: recommend to peruse The OpenTelemetry Collector as a platform for monitoring integrations by Alex Barganier and Kevin Zheng.

Metrics 101 for devs

A very awesome video up on YouTube, watch Enlightning: What Should Application Developers Know about Metrics? with Erin Schnabel and Whitney Lee.

Kubernetes troubleshooting

My colleague Shane Corbett did an excellent job researching and writing up Troubleshooting Amazon EKS API servers with Prometheus, check it out!

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