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Migrating Jaeger

Via the OpenTelemetry blog: Migrating away from the Jaeger exporter in the Collector by Alex Boten is a short but useful PSA on the topic.

Cost anomaly detection

My colleagues Ashish Jain, Shivani Reddy, and Yash Bindlish published Centralize AWS Cost Anomaly Detection using Amazon Managed Grafana.

Prometheus exam tips

Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) — Tips on how to pass the exam by Diego Amaral is an excellent guide about successfully passing the PCA including further reading material. Thank you!

Prometheus metrics practices

Julius Volz on Errors, Successes, Totals: Which Metrics Should I Expose to Prometheus?, addressing the question if you should have a single metric split up by a label or multiple separate metrics.

Kubecost Cloud

TNS's Meredith Shubel interviewed Rob Faraj of Kubecost on the topic of their new SaaS offering: Kubecost Cloud Manages K8s Costs for FinOps Teams.

Blackbox Exporter and Grafana

Visualize Your Website Metrics — Blackbox Exporter and Grafana by Sagar is a really nice hands-on walkthrough how you can use the Blackbox exporter to do site monitoring, including checking for expired certs.

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