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SQL for observability

Ramon Guiu of Timescale making a point, learn about Observability Powered by SQL: Understand Your Systems Like Never Before With OpenTelemetry Traces and PostgreSQL.

Developer observability

Improving Code Design With OpenTelemetry — A Practical Guide by Roni Dover of is an interesting hands-on article on the topic.

EKS observability

My colleagues Vikram Venkataraman, Imaya Kumar Jagannathan, Rodrigue Koffi, Munish Dabra, Ramesh Kumar Venkatraman and I introduced the Amazon EKS Observability Accelerator, a set of Terraform modules for EKS clusters, to monitor specific workloads using Prometheus and Grafana.

OpenTelemetry metrics

Exciting news from the OpenTelemetry project: metrics were declared ready for use and we made our AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry generally available, for metrics (by Bryan Aguilar, Eric Hsueh, and Anthony Mirabell and yours truly).

Observe the observer

In How We Built Alert Rules, Runbooks, and Dashboards to Observe Our Observability Tool Ramon Guiu strikes again, sharing some good practices around Promscale.

Node exporter 101

Tyler Owen has another installment of his series: check out Observability, Part 4 — Node Exporter.

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