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Getting started with otelsql

Via the OpenTelemetry blog: check out Getting started with otelsql, the OpenTelemetry instrumentation for Go SQL, where Sam Xie explains how to use otelsql, an instrumentation library for the Go database/sql package.

EC2 monitoring with OSS

My colleague Jay Joshi published Automating Amazon EC2 Instances Monitoring with Prometheus EC2 Service Discovery and AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry, showing OpenTelemetry and managed Prometheus & Grafana in action.

OpenTelemetry in action

In OpenTelemetry Part 2 - Implementation Johan Olsson walks us through an OTel implementation using .NET, Node, Go, and Python along with MySQL, Postgres, and RabbitMQ. Thanks a lot!

OTel embraces profiling

Another great OpenObservability Talks episode: have a look at Charting New Territory: OpenTelemetry Embraces Profiling where host Dotan Horovits and his guests Felix Geisendörfer and Ryan Perry discuss all things continuous profiling in and with OpenTelemetry.

OpenTelemetry graduation

The first step is done! Austin Parker's PR OpenTelemetry Graduation represents the formal proposal to move OpenTelemetry from Incubation to Graduation. Please show your support.

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