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Athena plugin for Grafana

In Query and analyze Amazon S3 data with the new Amazon Athena plugin for Grafana Grafana Labs' Sarah Zinger and my buddy Robbie Rolins show you how to use the new Grafana data source for Athena.

LogStream-powered defense

Igor Gifrin describes how you can catch malicious Log4j/Log4Shell events in real-time, using LogStream.

Meet Cloudkeeper

Check out Cloudkeeper, an amazing infra housekeeping OSS tool.

Opstrace is joining GitLab

Opstrace is joining GitLab and I congratulate all involved, great outcome!

OpenTelemetry for microservices

A excellent deep dive by Karthikeyan Govindaraj: How to Implement OpenTelemetry and Propagate Trace Among Microservices.

Observability community

I got my first Twitter community approved and would like to invite you to join us there: Observability community on Twitter.

CloudWatch Metrics Insights

Grafana Labs' Erik Sundell and my CloudWatch colleague Omur Kirikci on Identify operational issues quickly by using Grafana and Amazon CloudWatch Metrics Insights.

Continuous profiling

On the OpenObservability podcast, Dotan Horovits hosted Frederic Branczyk, talking about Prometheus Pitfalls and the Rise of Continuous Profiling, with lots of interesting background.

New managed Grafana features

In Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift Plugins and New Features in Amazon Managed Grafana my colleague Imaya and yours truly walk you through the new stuff in our managed Grafana offering.

OTLP Arrow Collector

An interesting YouTube video of Laurent Quérel on the current state of the proposed OTLP Arrow Collector (written in Rust) for OpenTelemetry.

OpenTelemetry Twitter space

OpenTelemetry. What is it and what isn't? was an hour-long Twitter space with lots of great questions and convos, check out the recording here.

That was it for this edition of the o11y newsletter. Feel free to share news items with me via Twitter—DMs are open if you like to share something in private. Stay safe and hope to see you around next week!