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Adobe's OpenTelemetry usage

How Adobe Uses OpenTelemetry Collector is a TNS article by Susan Hall that covers the talk that Adobe’s Chris Featherstone and Shubhanshu Surana gave at the Open Source Summit North America.

Parca hands-on

David Flanagan, cloud native engineer and educator, put together Introduction & Overview of Parca for Continuous Profiling, a 20 min YouTube video worth watching.

Monitor hosts with OTel

Monitoring CPU/RAM/disk metrics with OpenTelemetry and Uptrace is a nice OpenTelemetry piece by the Uptrace folks, showing things like the host metrics receiver in action.

Prometheus knowledge

The one and only Julius Volz spreading wisdom via 7 Things You Didn't Know About Prometheus, a 11 min YouTube video covering scrape offsets, staleness markers, scrape formats, and more.

Correlation and causation

In DevOps may have cheated death, but do we all need to work for the king of the underworld? Endre Sara explains what causal AI is and why it is required to solve root cause analysis.

New Relic offering

Check out New infrastructure monitoring integrated with APM eliminates screen swivel and peak billing by Karl Henrik Smith and John Withers on the details of their connected infrastructure and application performance monitoring solution.

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