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OTel Q&A

Check out the OTel Q&A Feat. Luiz Aoqui of HashiCorp up on YouTube and learn about challenges and wins when instrumenting a distributed system (Nomad).

OpenTelemetry best practices

Ashley Somerville and Heds Simons wrote OpenTelemetry best practices: A user's guide to getting started with OpenTelemetry, providing a list of useful tips and tricks, from metadata generation to context propagation.

Profiling Rust

Announcing Continuous Memory Profiling for Rust by Frederic Branczyk and Brennan Vincent is an important announcement in the continuous profiling space: learn about rust-jemalloc-pprof, a library allowing you to export jemalloc's heap profiling capabilities in pprof format.

Explain observability?

In Observability, and the quest to explain it to other people Sebastian Perna shares their thoughts on the topic, with some useful insights you might be able to use in your environment.

The Humans of OpenTelemetry

Via the OpenTelemetry blog: The Humans of OpenTelemetry by Adriana Villela (Lightstep) is an exciting interview, with both the transcript and the video available, showing the people behind the technology. Thanks a lot for doing this Adriana and Reese!

That was it for 2023. Thank you for joining me on a weekly basis exploring the depths of observability and see you in 2024!

That was it for this edition of the o11y newsletter. Feel free to share news items with me via Twitter—DMs are open if you like to share something in private. Stay safe and hope to see you around next week!