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In OpenTelemetry-native: The future of Observability Mirko Novakovic, Michele Mancioppi, and Ben Blackmore of Dash0 make the case what OTel-native means. Great article, thanks for sharing!

Diagnostic observers

Using Diagnostic Observers to Decouple Logging and Observability Code by Dmitry Slabko is an interesting hands-on deep dive for .NET folks.

Observability dev stack

Daniel Dias of Tracetest wrote Building an Observability Stack with Docker, showing how to automate the setup of an open-source observability stack for local development.

App monitoring in AWS

AWS Observability Application Monitoring is a 36 min video up on YouTube where my colleagues Lucy Hartung and Arun Chandapillai walk you through selected AWS observability offerings with lots of hands-on demos.

Telemetry controller

Kristof Gyuracz shared in Reinvent Kubernetes Logging with Telemetry Controller details about this new open source project that allows you to turn telemetry event streams into Kubernetes resources.

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