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Monitoring Structured Streaming

In Monitoring Structured Streaming with External Systems Jerrold Law shows how to use Prometheus and Grafana to monitor a streaming pipeline that has Apache Kafka as a source.

OpenTelemetry for EKS

My colleagues Imaya Kumar Jagannathan, Rodrigue Koffi, and Daniel Lorch on Adding metrics and traces to your application on Amazon EKS with AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry, AWS X-Ray and Amazon CloudWatch.

Observability in 2022

By B. Cameron Gain, via The New Stack: check out Observability in 2022: It Pays to Learn with a number of statements by o11y thought leaders.

Observability of async processes

Observability of Async Processes with Custom Propagator by Y.Matsuda is an awesome deep-dive on how to use OpenTelemetry to solve a tricky problem.


I stumbled upon Quickwit, an open-source distributed search engine for log management and analytics written in Rust. Have a look at how to deploy Quickwit with Helm and search your Kubernetes logs.

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